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I have had the pleasure of knowing Charlie for over 10 years. We train together 2-4 times a week. The remarkable progress he has made since his injury must be largely attributed to his strength of character. His focus, motivation and determination to achieve his goals, serves as a source of inspiration for everyone around him.


Paul Gilmore

Former 3 x World Kickboxing Champion

Charlie first spoke at our National Heads of Education Conference in August 2016 where he told his story about overcoming adversity to play football again. Charlie is an impressive young man and his story is both moving and inspiring and, albeit very tragic circumstances that lead Charlie to tell his story, he does so with great wit and charm. He has since begun presenting to the Scholars in our Clubs and the feedback we have received has been excellent. Charlie is indeed an inspiration to us all.


Julia Caunt

Premier League, Education Manager

If Charlie Fogarty can’t inspire young athletes to work at being the very best they can be then I’m not sure who can! This inspiring young man talked about his incredible journey to overcome adversity and to return to playing football. He conveyed this with a great sense of humour and our apprentices really engaged with him.


Kevin Hodges

Academy Manager, Plymouth Argyle Football Club

‘In the 6 years I have been Technical Director at The FA I have been to and seen many presentations. Without doubt, this inspiring story, brilliantly told by such an impressive young man, was the best presentation I have seen. Charlie delivered to 280 FA staff, ranging from Gareth Southgate to Coach Educators to admin staff and the 2 minute standing ovation he received at the end summed up the impact he had on the staff at The FA. I would recommend him to anyone.’

– Dan Ashworth, Technical Director, The Football Association

‘A very powerful presentation delivered by Charlie, all of the apprentices will learn a lot from it.’

– Steve Thornber, Head of Academy Coaching, Bradford City Football Club

‘Encouraged me and others to take advantage of the opportunity we have. It made me aware of the opportunities I have and taught me to be determined in what I do.’

– Apprentice at Bradford City

‘The session made me realise how lucky I am. The session presented by the young ex footballer was a very inspiring and fantastic way to give all the squad a reality check and realise how hard others want to achieve. Overall it was a great experience and a great learning curve for us at Bradford City Football Club.’

– Apprentice at Bradford City

‘I feel the session benefited me well and he has inspired me personally to never give up and follow your dreams, and today’s session made me feel that nothing’s impossible.’

– Apprentice at Notts County

‘I was in your inspirational speech at Arsenal today. I have liked and commented on your recent post. I was in the U16’s talk and I thought what you said was really motivational and it is going to help boys my age fulfill their dreams. I had to say to my coach that I only want to train for half an hour because I wanted to hear your speech again because it brought tears to my eyes because I think you are a special person. Being awarded an MBE and to this day still be playing football is an incredible achievement. It just shows how much hard work and dedication you put in and nothing was going to stop you. It’s also nice to hear how much your parents and family friends helped on your recovery because when I broke my ankle two years ago I had to put the hard work and dedication into getting back to where I was which is exactly what you have done.

I would be so proud of myself if I was you and so should your parents because not only your a special person and not only what you have achieved but you are a true role model to every person out there.’

– Apprentice at Arsenal

‘Charlie has inspired me to appreciate what I have as it could all be taken away in an instant. Also with hard work you can make anything possible even if it seems impossible.

– Apprentice at Peterborough


Consultant paediatrician at Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Charlie Fogarty is a truly inspiring young man who epitomises the power of ‘never giving up’. Aged 15 years Charlie suffered a devastating brain injury which put his life in real danger and left him with a mountain to climb to regain life skills that we all take for granted. With the love and support of his family and the benefit of huge personal motivation he has made a remarkable recovery which has surpassed the expectations of the medical team that looked after him following his injury. His enthusiasm for life and his terrific sense of humour give him the strength to cope with ongoing challenges and I have no doubt that he will continue to set himself ambitious goals for what he wants to achieve. Already hundreds have been inspired through hearing him speak about his journey including the staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital where he delivered the Hospital Grand Round in January 2016, and by over 300 delegates at an international conference for doctors and nurses working in Intensive Care Units for children, held at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham in September 2015. The audience were captivated by his story, his determination, and his humour – many tears were shed but there were also long periods of laughter. He was followed onto the platform by Malala Yousafzai but the standing ovation after his talk was every inch as long and as well deserved as that for Malala. A flood of e-mails, texts and tweets to the conference organisers after the meeting spoke about how delegates left the conference inspired by what they had heard from Charlie.

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Head of Year 9

Bishop Challoner Catholic College Birmingham



Charlie Fogarty Presentation to Year 9 students at Bishop Challoner School in Birmingham.

Charlie was invited into our school as we felt his story would inspire many of our students and help them consider their own futures and attitudes towards achieving their own goals in life. For someone to have gone through so much at such a young age and then come through the other side and be so successful was something we felt would help our students at Bishop Challoner Catholic College.

The talk itself carried out by Charlie was fantastic and I feel our students gained a great deal from it. He pitched it at a perfect level for our Year 9 students, being both educational and motivational. His engaging personality and brilliant sense of humour made the speech resonate with our students, especially coming from a boy from their own local area.

Charlie is a very inspirational young man who has a very bright future ahead of him, both teachers and students left the talk feeling motivated and inspirited by his truly engaging presentation.

Thanks for taking the time to come to our school and share your story.

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Futsal Manager and Quality Improvement Assistant League Football Education

Overall an excellent year’s delivery which LFE have been extremely impressed
with. As you can see on Page 4 and Page 5 (good pages to compare against the
other presenters) the first box shows that Charlie received the highest
percentage for apprentices rating his session as excellent – given that it
was his first year of delivery I think that’s a phenomenal achievement and
he should be very pleased with it.

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Feedback and Trend Analysis

The overall feedback from apprentices was ‘Outstanding’ across all of the subjects/topics. The following breakdown shows overall averages for the various aspects within the sessions (highest ratings highlighted green; lowest red):

79% rated the sessions ‘Excellent’ (a reduction from 85% in 2015-16).

Life Skills 1 Life Skills 2 Life Skills 3 Life Skills 4 Life Skills 5 Life Skills 6 Anything is Possible Life Skills 8
91% 77% 77% 88% 83% 63% 94% 57%

73% stated they thought the sessions were ‘Highly Relevant’ to them at that stage of their lives (72% in 2015-16).

Life Skills 1 Life Skills 2 Life Skills 3 Life Skills 4 Life Skills 5 Life Skills 6 Anything is Possible Life Skills 8
76% 76% 81% 87% 52% 72% 82% 57%

78% stated they had a ‘Much Better’ understanding of the topic as a result of the session (81% in 2015-16).

Life Skills 1 Life Skills 2 Life Skills 3 Life Skills 4 Life Skills 5 Life Skills 6 Anything is Possible Life Skills 8
79% 76% 58% 90% 78% 70% 80% 93%

100% agreed the sessions should be delivered to other apprentices (100% in 2015-16).

Life Skills 1 Life Skills 2 Life Skills 3 Life Skills 4 Life Skills 5 Life Skills 6 Anything is Possible Life Skills 8
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 98% 100% 100%

91% rated the sessions as ‘Outstanding’ (a reduction from 97% in 2015-16).

Life Skills 1 Life Skills 2 Life Skills 3 Life Skills 4 Life Skills 5 Life Skills 6 Anything is Possible Life Skills 8
89% 89% 100% 100% 88% 80% 100% 80%

95% stated the sessions were ‘Highly Relevant’ to apprentices at this stage of their working life (97% in 2015-16).

Life Skills 1 Life Skills 2 Life Skills 3 Life Skills 4 Life Skills 5 Life Skills 6 Anything is Possible Life Skills 8
100% 100% 88% 100% 88% 100% 100% 80%

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