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I try to maintain my fitness but today I found myself trying to do that on the most obscure cross trainer ever - at least I found out a way to sit down while going on a run 🤣🤣


Do not accept “impossible” ... accept “I-am-possible” instead #AnythingisPossible

⚽️ LESS than 1 WEEK to go to nominate for the @McDonaldsUK @OfficialIrishFA 2018 Grassroots Awards - to nominate simply follow the link - let's honour the unsung heroes of grassroots football @PeteSnodden @SportyNeesy @martinkeown5 @ChazfogMBE

It’s not where we start in life, but what we do with life that counts #AnythingisPossible

“Things do not change; we change”
Henry David Thoreau #AnythingisPossible

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