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Last speech of the year done! I get a nice break for Christmas now but the lads and the two coaches at Tranmere were great. Best of luck for the future guys


11/11/18 - I did struggle to shift 25kg on the plough but wait and see today @mayorofhobsmoat and I agreed that we’ll film again in 20 weeks so we’ll see what I’m shifting then


So I watched Creed 2 last night and I thought it was a great film that got me thinking that if you don’t put the work in you can’t expect to see results and I suppose I should really practice what I preach but running 12 minute miles isn’t terrible #AnythingisPossible

Thank you @ChazfogMBE for sharing your incredible journey with us #inspirational #anythingispossible @paullofkin @AngusStevens1

I spoke to around 70 Crawford and Company delegates today about how Anything is Possible and I think that I managed to convince most of the room. Only 1 more speech to go now this year at Tranmere FC


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