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Football season is back. Watching @t_fogarty2 tear it up as Birmingham City u16’s beat Exeter City u16’s 3-2 in a thrilling end to end game #NeverGiveUp #InThePouringRainThenBlazingHotHeat


Just so you all know...I’m down in Somerset at the moment (West Berkshire) at Hobbs Rehabilitation, where all the injured Jockeys go. I’m still unhappy with a few things, one of these is my walking and so I’ve come here to try to fix it #AnythingisPossible

Was honoured to have been asked in to Leicester City and delighted to have been allowed to share my story with about 50 people the new scholars, their parents and the staff who I’d like to thank personally for giving me this fantastic opportunity


Ian Cawley@cawleyian

Thanks very much to @ChazfogMBE for speaking at our @LCFC Scholars Induction this evening. Great speeches from the players.

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