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Plenty of people to inspire today at Mansfield Town, I actually started back working on Saturday just gone (18th) where I spoke to Man City u10’s but obviously couldn’t post the photo because of Safeguarding etc.

Growing up Gary, you were my idol and the first time I’ve stayed at Hotel Football, I didn’t expect you to go and name a restaurant after me, my initials like. #Thankyou #AnythingisPossible @GNev2

Amazing news @ChazfogMBE , congratulations! Such an inspiration.
You can read about Charlie's journey here:

I’m in!!! Still get butterflies in my stomach waiting to find out if I’m in or not. @mayorofhobsmoat, we’ve got work to do! 👊🏻 Let’s go and do this lads! #NICP #AnythingisPossible


I am feeling excited, excited indeed!!! This is because I am now running 13:46 minute miles.

Now while I know this isn’t a rapid time, it’s only January so by the time the tournament with NICP comes round in June, I hope to be running 10 minute miles which is fast

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